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cPanel would like to thank everyone who over the years used, and helped improve, the cPanel Game Server (cPGS) software. We have determined that cPGS is something we will no longer pursue. The software and mirrors will remain online through the end of October, 2013, to allow people time to transition to an alternate solution.
Support issues for cPGS will be handled via the community forum.

Jun 25th, 2013 (0.9.3)
  • Added package creation/edit form in WHM to wrap the cpgs_pkg script abiities
  • Fixed TS2 startup
  • Updated logo images
  • Fixed handling of custom config files
  • Fixed issue where viewing the log file in cPanel would change the server install # to 0
  • Fix for installation with TS3 and higher
  • Fixed saving/showing ports, IP and servername for BFV
  • Added map selection support to BF2142 and BF2
  • Fixed buttons in WHM not showing due to changes in 11.36 redesign
  • Updated function that manages cached remote queries, this should be much faster now with many remote servers
  • Updated WHM theme to match 11.36
  • Moved steamupdate into cPGSLib
  • Added support for new steamcmd tool
  • Initial CS:GO support
  • Updated EULA
  • Updated CSS,HL2MP,TF2,DoDS with use new steamcmd/steampipe update mechanism
  • Fixed saving Maxclients value for TS3 server
  • Fixed saving selected installation packages for games
  • Added appconfig support

    May 22nd, 2012 (0.9.2)
  • Rewrote WHM interface to provide more information on servers' status
  • Updated cPanel 'gs' and 'x3' themes
  • Removed old setup wizard, replaced with new interface for setting up games
  • Seperated the admin token and query pass showing control in WHM for TS3
  • Changed backend configuration for games entirely to be more portable
  • Changed remote server setup process
  • Removed IP and port ranges, replaced with static number of specific ports for each game
  • Updated all game modules to support default configurations and work with new backend
  • Many bugfixes

    Jan 27th, 2012 (0.9.1)
  • Removed support for long deprecated "x" theme
  • Added log rotation and backup on cpgsd.log
  • Merged serveral remote status calls while listing installed servers
  • Added remote server status functions to be used by upcoming interface additions
  • Added built-in CPAN config for servers that have not been properly set up prior to cPGS installation

    Jan 12th, 2012 (0.9.0)
  • Updated server package format to allow for dynamically sized data, including pre and post-install scripts
  • Fixed issue where setting max simultaneous installs prevented installation of games
  • Fixed downloader output when wget exited quickly and unexpectedly
  • Fixed small issues with UI for start/stop display
  • Fixed issue in Setup Wizard where Step 3 could show as a blank page
  • Changed handling of log file tailing to preventing load huge amounts of data in both cPGSD and the browser
  • Fixed handling of game servers that exit unexpectedly to prevent zombies
  • Enhanced quota checking to catch certain errors
  • Added make_patch to facilitate creation of .cpgs packages that can be used to update an already installed game
  • Added inline documentation to new package generation scripts (cpgs_pkg)
  • Fixed installer bug that was preventing cronjobs from being added automatically

    December 21st, 2011 (0.8.6)
  • Changed server package format, updated all tools
  • Added ability to make a patch package to update a server from one version to another without having to reinstall

    October 20th, 2011 (0.8.0)
  • Updated all server start/stop mechanisms to use ajax calls to new api2_ calls using json.
  • Changed steamupdate to instead be run from an update() call in each game module, if it exists, so all games can have a custom way of updating themselves.
  • All games now have a Steward process running with them, monitoring their output and handling input on a socket unique to each running game directly to the STDIN for the game's psuedo tty.
  • All games have a config option on the Manage Game page to enable/disable a direct command console, mainly useful for Steam based games that have a somewhat interactive console.

    Documents and Information

    cPGS can be installed in WHM in the "Manage Plugins" section, remote servers can be installed after that using the remote server install feature in the "Gameserver Management" section of WHM.

  • Check the forums for others having your issue.

    To see what game server versions are currently supported, please see this table.


    Main WHM cPGS Page
    WHM cPGS server game list
    WHM user / game / install server details
    cPanel user server listser
    Game control page

    File Mirrors

    (please verify the contents of each gameserver package downloaded from 3rd party sites before using)

    cpgs.clear-data.com  (Courtesy of Clear Data) Dallas, TX, USA
    cpgs.network3.net  (Courtesy of cPanel Staff) Dallas, TX, USA
    cpgs.fdcservers.net  (Courtesy of FDCHost) Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Former Mirrors provided by:
    Planet Real Networks

    Currently supported games ( See current versions )

  • [1] (etqw) 1.5 Note: Official Package
  • [2] (bf2) 1.5.3153.0 Note: Updated 12/30/2009
  • [3] (kf) 4/25/2011 Note: Updated from Steam 04/25/2011
  • [4] (tfc) Note: Exe 4883
  • [5] (l4d) Bin:41 Base:36 Srv:26 Note: Updated 06/08/2010
  • [6] (Teamspeak 3) Note:
  • [7] (q2) R1Q2 7322 Note: Q2Admin v1.17.52
  • [8] (samp) 0.3c RC2 Note: Updated 11/08/2011
  • [9] (q3) 1.32c Note: Official Package
  • [10] (hl) 08/14/2008 Note: Official Package
  • [11] (bf2) 1.41 (1.1.2965-797.0) Note: gzip format
  • [12] (samp) 0.2X Note: Updated 12/2008
  • [13] (dmc) Note: Standalone Package
  • [14] (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) Note:
  • [15] (dod) Note: Standalone Package
  • [16] (garrysmod) Steam Note: 5/20/2011 Full w/tf
  • [17] (urbanterror) 4.11 Note: 32 and 64bit bins
  • [18] (ts) Note: Updated startscript
  • [19] (ut3) 1.2 Note: Updated 01/20/09 with WebAdmin file
  • [20] (trem) 1.1.0 Note: First package
  • [21] (savage) SFE Final Note: gzip format
  • [22] (bf2142) 1.50 Note:
  • [23] (bf1942) 1.61 Note: gzip format
  • [24] (et) 2.60b Note: gzip format
  • [25] (cod4) 1.7 Note: Official cPGS Package
  • [26] (ut2004) 3369.1 Note: gzip format
  • [27] (San Andreas: Multiplayer) 0.3x Note: SA:MP 0.3x
  • [28] (hl2) 08/13/2008 Note: Moved DoD:S back to orangebox
  • [29] (l4d2) Note: Updated 06/09/2010
  • [30] (Teamspeak 3) Note:
  • [31] (codwaw) 1.7 Note: Updated 12/18/2009
  • [32] (sof2) 1.03 Note: gzip format
  • [33] (Day of Defeat: Source) 1717992 Note:
  • [34] (cod2) 1.3 Note: gzip format
  • [35] (Team Fortress 2) 1734532 Note:
  • [36] (codwaw) 1.6 Note: Updated 9/18/09
  • [37] (jka) 1.011 Note: JAPlus Mod
  • [38] (nucleardawn) 1.0 Note: Exe build: 16:32:14 Aug 22 2011
  • [39] (aa) Note: Standalone Package
  • [40] (Half Life 2 Deathmatch) 1717992 Note:
  • [41] (mohaa) 1.11 Note: gzip format
  • [42] (nx) 2.5.2 Note: Nexuiz
  • [43] (czero) Note: Standalone Package
  • [44] (Counter Strike: Source) 1718178 Note:
  • [45] (cstrike) 1.6 Note: Standalone Package
  • [46] (samp) 0.2.2 Note: GTA: SAMP
  • [47] (cod) 1.5 Note: Updated 12/19/08 with UO files
  • [48] (bfv) 1.21 Note: gzip format